SCM8021 mill line

SCM8021 mill line

The customer situation

Zhejiang a superfine grinding Co. Ltd., the company responsible for Sun Zong in the superfine grinding industry more than ten years, the supply of finished products to more than 160 manufacturers; purchase of SCM8021 ultrafine mill from our company.

The situation of production

  • The days running: 11 hours
  • Feeding: calcite, limestone, grain diameter 200-400mm, into the mill host diameter =25mm
  • Product: 600-1250 mesh ultra-fine powder

Custom Feedback

The SBM of the superfine grinding, can be very good to achieve the quality of products we hand the fineness of the strict requirements, and its energy consumption is relatively low. The most let us pleased is Shibang the after sale service, is very timely and efficient, and technicians from time to time to phone or in person to visit my usage equipment.

-Zhou Zong, general manager of the company