Quarry Crusher

quarry crusher

The Common quarry crusher equipment is jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher (sand making machine), vibrating screen and other equipment, SBM quarry crusher equipment using reasonable closed-circuit, namely the impact crusher and vibrating screen to form closed circulation, according to the different material production needs, configuration different production line equipment, to meet the needs of coarse aggregate.

Quarry crusher Selling Point

Big crushing ratio, high production efficiency

adopts a large angle, eccentricity and high speed design, make its rated power and high capacity increase, make crushing ratio production more efficiency.

High manganese steel material layer protection

Using the high manganese steel and because the material laminated crushing layer protection , the less vulnerability of consumption ,lower operating costs .

The top or side of disassembly and assembly, convenient repair

quarry crusher

By using a positive pressure dust and non-contact labyrinth seal combination, effectively stopping dust pollution of lubricating oil, extend bearing lubrication and the service life of equipment.

Dilute oil lubrication system, multiple point in time

Timely take away heat and friction mechanical impurities, achieve good lubrication, reducing friction heat and mechanical impurities: away in time, achieve good lubrication, reduce the friction, reduce wear and reduce power consumption to prolong the service life of equipment parts to.

Various type of crushing chamber, flexible application and better adaptability.

Quarry crusher machine check and prepare before operation

  • before the crusher starting must first check whether it is normal in every lubrication point , has occurred without clogging, oil leakage phenomenon.
  • the operating handle dry pumps to each lubricating point is sufficient and refueling. For the inspection of each instrument to see whether it is in good condition, adjusted the row ore mouth to the appropriate scale.
  • check whether there is a ore or other pieces in crushing cavity, moderate the triangle belt and a locking spring elastic modulation .
  • check the electrical interlocking device, connection number and the protection of lighting facilities, the normal connection bolt is loose phenomenon.

quarry crusher machine starting operation Method

  • start the vacuuming system, after connected to the lower part of the process flow signal, no-load starting quarry crusher.
  • when the quarry crusher is operating normally, and then start the slot type selection for mine.