MTW175 milling machine production line

MTW175 milling machine production line

The customer situation

The company mainly produces limestone powder, refined for citric acid industry; from our purchase of 2 sets of MTW175 Euro mill complete equipment.

The situation of production

  • The days running: 24 hours
  • Feeding: limestone, into the mill host size =35mm
  • Finished product: the fineness of 250 mesh -325 mesh

Custom Feedback

SBM to our company use side is concerned, the more unusual is to draw customers to use the actual experience, constantly improve our details according to the actual production situation of MTW138 production, this set also so steadily increased more than expected. I compared the previously used equipment, the most prominent point is convenient and simple repair nursing. Now our company machine to large-scale development, if the new equipment, spon equipment will remain the first choice.

-gravel company responsible person Lin Zong