MTM100 grinding line

MTM100 grinding line

The customer situation

The final products are used in steel desulfurization, with Baosteel, Masteel long-term cooperation, more than ten years of industry experience; successively from our purchase of 3 sets of YGM9517 suspended roller mill, 2 sets of MTM100 medium speed T type mill, in cooperation with the Division I for 12 years.

The situation of production

  • The days running: 22-24 hours
  • Feeding: Lime based, accessories for the limestone, fluorite
  • Finished product: 300 mesh, the rotating speed of the powder concentrator was 320~350r/min, 90% pass screening rate;150 orders, the rotating speed of the powder concentrator was 150r/min, 95% pass screening rate.

Custom Feedback

Shanghai Shibang old partners, mill we research institute Shanghai branch company was established recently bought the first is Shanghai Shibang, quality and services of natural needless to say, otherwise it will not more than 10 years. In ten years, our company in the development of SBM of equipment has been updated, from the original YGM series to the present MTM trapezoidal mill, single output and improve. Strive for win-win cooperation, win-win situation can be sustained, we and the SBM for a long time, but each is combined with constructive.

-A university research Shanghai branch