zinc ore Processing technology

zinc ore Processing technology

zinc ore Processing technology

The production technology of lead-zinc ore processing mainly include: crushing, grinding, ore dressing three processes. The crushing process, three stage crushing circuit is the most suitable for modern high hardness lead zinc ore crushing, can complete the ore crushing and partial dissociation of the follow-up work, so as to improve the grinding efficiency of the grinding process; in the two section, a closed grinding is grinding process efficient, can make the lead-zinc ore dressing grinding more fully; in the process, the new process more successful in recent years representative is mainly mixed flotation process.

The first step: crushing and screening - three stage closed circuit

Lead zinc ore bulk by silo by vibrating feeder to the jaw crusher or mobile jaw crusher station are crushed evenly; coarse crushed lead-zinc ore through the screening of vibrating screen, by belt conveyor to the single cylinder hydraulic cone crushers crushing; lead-zinc ore material crushed into multi cylinder hydraulic cone type of crusher;

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The second step:grinding - two stage grinding a closed

The lead-zinc powder after sieving shaker 0-12 mm uniform back grinding, sieving and by spiral classifier, does not meet the requirements of being sent the ball mill to mill;

The third step: don't choose new dressing flotation process

Will meet the requirements of lead and zinc powder were mixed into the flotation machine flotation, then the lead and zinc powder was fed into the drying machine drying can be lead and zinc powder.