Limestone Processing technology

Limestone Processing technology

Limestone Processing technology

Lime or limestone is rich in resources, ore grade to meet the general requirements of various industrial departments. Therefore, generally only need a simple washing, without the use of mineral processing technology of complex purification. Limestone crushing, grading and processing is mainly the production of quicklime, slaked lime, calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate superfine (nm), carbon dioxide. Limestone generally use the dry grinding process, for the metallurgy, road with limestone, the ore crushing and screening can be. For fine powder production, ore jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher broken directly after the Raymond mill type, product fineness 100-325 mesh, the specific processing procedure is as follows:

The first step: coarse crushing

Limestone bulk materials by silo by vibrating feeder and uniform feeding, conveying to the jaw crusher are crushed, crushed material sieving shaker, conveyed by the belt conveyor to counterattack crusher.

The second step: fine

Delivery to counterattack crusher in the coarse crushing material after counterattack crusher broken, using circular vibration sieve screening on after counterattack broken broken material, larger particle material back to Impact Crusher broken again; for more fine products or plastic, the crushed material is fed into the sand making machine for further broken plastic.

Processing Equipment

The third step: Milling

The crushed limestone piece of material through a hoist is sent to the bin, and then by the vibrating feeder will its uniform quantitative into the grinding chamber for grinding.

The fourth step: packaging

The finished materials for packaging and storage.