Dolomite flour mill grinding equipment

Dolomite Processing technology

Dolomite Processing technology

Dolomite milling is generally divided into coarse powder processing (0-3MM), fine powder processing (20 mesh -400 mesh), and deep processing of fine powder dolomite (400 mesh -1250 mesh) and powder processing (1250 mesh - 3250 mesh) four types.

The first stage: broken

Dolomite material by crusher to enter the mill feed fineness (15mm-50mm).

The second stage: Milling

After the break of the dolomite small materials through a hoist is sent to the bin, and then by the vibrating feeder will its uniform quantitative into the grinding chamber for grinding. Fine powder processing general selection of LM vertical roller mill, MTW milling machine, MTM Trapezium Grinder; ultrafine powder processing general selection of LUM vertical mill, ultrafine HGM ultrafine mill.

Processing Equipment

The third stage: Classification

After grinding the material through powder selecting machine grading, unqualified powder by the classifier after the return to the host re grinding.

The fourth stage: Powder

Consistent with the fineness of the powder sub with air flow through pipes into the dust collector was separated collection, finished powder from the outlet by the conveying device and sent to the finished material bin, re unification with the powder tank or automatic packaging machine for packaging.