Aluminum ore Processing technology

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Aluminum ore Processing technology

Aluminum is the active metal, exposure is easily oxidized in air, in nature, mainly in the form of compound exist, people usually get aluminum through refining is rich in hydrous alumina bauxite ore. Below we mainly of bauxite ores process are introduced in detail:

The production process of bauxite ore processing mainly includes: four stage calcining, crushing, grinding, packaging of finished products.

The first step: the calcination

Raw material into the calcining furnace high temperature calcining, part also can use drying way.

Processing Equipment

  • PE jaw crusher
  • MTW Milling Machine
  • LM Vertical Grinding Mills

The second step: crushing

The calcined material after jaw crusher, and then be sent to the bauxite grinding machine.

The third step: grinding

After the break of the material into the mill production system after grinding, grading, the whole operation process are completed automation in the mill, operations personnel should pay close attention to the cabinet instrument data.

The fourth step: the product packaging

Qualified bauxite powder is released from the discharge valve, packing product.