Construction Waste Crusher

Construction Waste Crusher

Construction waste treatment equipment - a new sand making machine, so that urban construction waste turning waste into treasure. Production of products can be widely used in Mian Shaozhuan, road infrastructure, construction and other industries, for urban construction on a virtuous circle of the road to provide a new development ideas.

Brief Introduction of Construction Waste Crusher

In order to meet the needs of urban modernization, the urban construction waste turning waste into treasure, the company researchers concentrated on the number of research, and finally the successful launch of construction waste treatment equipment - a new sand machine. The product is optimized and enhanced design, higher strength, better performance, more compact structure. The product has the characteristics of reliable performance, good stability, flexible combination, strong adaptability, easy maintenance and other characteristics, the products can be widely used in the production of unburned brick, road infrastructure, construction and other industries, for urban construction on a virtuous circle Provides a new development ideas.

Working principle of construction waste crusher

Driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at high speed, and the construction waste enters the first crushing chamber and the plate hammer strikes the crushing and then enters the second crushing chamber for crushing. In the process of crushing, not only the formation of construction waste and plate hammer and liner between the impact of broken, but also completed the various hammer and crushing chamber within the stone stone shaping, and finally discharged from the discharge port.

Construction waste production line process

The product process to construction waste crusher, shaker, vibration feeder and other special equipment will be broken construction, screening. After the sorting of the construction waste through a specific iron removal equipment (dry magnetic separator) to remove the iron material contained in the crushed, broken, and even crushing equipment crushing treatment, processed into a certain size of the recycled aggregate , And finally applied to roadbed stone, Mianshaozhuan, cement admixture and many other aspects. According to the production process of gravel material in the construction of concrete in the concrete, waste bricks, stones and other processing and processing, in order to achieve resource recycling.

Construction waste social background

With the national economic development, the national infrastructure is also constantly updated construction, especially the railway, highway construction, as well as the transformation of urban buildings. The development of the city so that a variety of housing projects continue to construction, the old buildings were gradually removed. During the demolition process, a large amount of solid waste - construction waste will be produced. The number of construction waste in our country accounts for 30% to 40% of the total municipal waste. To 500-600 tons / million square meters of the standard projections, by 2020, China will also add a new construction area of ??about 30 billion square meters, the new construction waste will be a shocking figure. However, the vast majority of construction waste without any treatment, it was the construction unit shipped to the suburbs or villages, open piling up or landfill, consumption of a large number of land acquisition costs, garbage clearance and other construction funds, while the removal and stacking process Of the sprinkle and dust, ash sand flying and other issues have caused serious environmental pollution.

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