HCS Cone Crusher

powder crushing processing is an indispensable step, after years of practice and summary. fields a strong proponent of the new crushing process more crushing and less grinding, that reduce the final size of the crushed product, increased fine grade in the crushing products content, thereby enhancing mill processing capacity, power consumption and to reduce metal consumption, to reduce costs and increase economic efficiency. HCS Cone crusher equipment has large crushing ratio but saving has been one of the objectives pursued by the broken areas. Service Online >

HCS Cone crusher works

HCS Cone Crusher changed in the past traditional cone crusher eccentric shaft outside produce eccentric torque, so moving around a point Swing cone crushing force to crush the material produced, but on the spindle adjustable eccentric excitation block installed . When the motor is transferred through a non-rigid coupling to the torque effect, so that the movable cone generated while rotating about a central axis, so that the centrifugal force of the eccentric and movable cone generated around a point swing.

Thus, HCS Cone crusher moving cone in two different ways under the influence of this movement, as irregular elliptical orbit Swing movement. So that the material in the village board and adjust the frame between the moving cone of constantly being squeezed, bent and broken friction effect. In working with the state of dynamic cone resistance around the crushing chamber materials disproportion to change their trajectory.

HCS Cone Crusher Features

  • between the motor and spindle because no rigid connection, without overload.
  • Because the HCS Cone Crusher machine uses a shock absorber, passed foundation dynamic load is small, so do not need too much investment in infrastructure and a solid foundation.
  • crushing ratio, usually ranging from 5 to 30.
  • units less power consumption, 30% to 50% less than other broken equipment.
  • Due to the dynamic cone trajectory is due to the resistance of materials change state when not broken in the crushing cavity foreign bodies falling into gear will not be overloaded.
  • can carry the load to start and stop.
  • adjustable Product size , by adjusting the operating parameters permits the product to a particle size within a certain range, which can effectively prevent over crushed.

Operating parameters and technical performance: From a practical perspective, the most important advantage is that the device is simple tuning method to achieve optimal process results.

Commonly used methods are available

  • adjust the dynamic cone Swing frequency.
  • centrifugal force eccentric adjustment.
  • control crusher feed opening by the material column height.
  • High quality cone crusher applies river gravel sand.

River gravel applied to various industries in the crushing process must achieve in order to take advantage of the appropriate size. HCS Cone crusher for river gravel can effectively broken, different types of HCS cone crusher can reach the crushing varying degrees. Standard cone crusher can be broken on the material, medium cone crusher can be the material for crushing, short head type cone crusher can be the material for ultra-crushing.

Efficient HCS Cone Crusher is an alternative spring cone crusher and general hydraulic cone crusher of a new generation of products. Its crushing ratio, high production efficiency, consume less wearing parts, low operating costs, with a variety of crushing chamber, application flexibility, adaptability and other characteristics. Is the ideal equipment for large stone factory and mining enterprises broken.

Technical Data

Model Movable Cone Diameter(mm) Chamber Style Max Feeding (mm) Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Machine Size (mm)
HCS100 790 EC 135 10-32 46-128 90 1550×1575×1965
C 90 10-25 43-118
M 65 8-16 36-76
MF 50 6-13 29-68
F 35 4-10 27-57
EF 28 6 30-40
HCS160 956 EC 180 13-38 69-215 160 1875×1920×2400
C 145 13-32 65-197
MC 115 10-25 60-180
M 90 10-22 60-160
MF 75 8-19 61-125
F 50 6-19 45-105
EF 35 6 70-90
HCS250 1150 EC 215 16-44 110-380 250 2100×2320×2780
C 175 13-38 100-385
MC 140 13-32 95-325
M 110 13-25 115-335
MF 85 10-22 90-280
F 70 8-19 90-235
EF 38 8 100-125
HCS315 1408 EC 275 16-44 177-660 315 2380×2735×3265
CX 245 16-38 170-650
C 215 16-38 170-640
MC 175 16-32 160-552
M 135 16-32 195-500
MF 115 13-32 190-450
F 85 13-25 195-400
EF 65 13-22 210-300

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